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Omega Farm Supply and Gin Company is an agricultural based company that is dedicated to customer satisfaction and increased profits for our customers.  We work diligantly to provide competitive pricing and unrivaled service for all who are willing to work with us.  Omega Farm Supply and Gin Company has been around since 1970 and has a full understanding of the agricultural industry and all of its components related to the crops grown in our area.  We service all of our growers needs by providing custom fertilizer application, farm chemicals and even home and garden supplies for even the smallest of farming enthusiast.  Omega Gin Company is an entity of Omega Farm Supply that handles the cotton produced by our growers from the feild to the mill.  We provide marketing, cotton scouting, and storage of the cotton for our customers.  Omega Farm Supply and Gin Company has strong Christian values and believes in caring for our neighbors and helping the community.  We encourage anyone that has not had the opportunity to visit us to try and do so, that we may have the opportunity to help with any of their Ag related needs.

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Georgia Agricultural Tax Exemption Form

  If you would like to fill out your GATE (Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption) form online please click on the link https://forms.agr.georgia.gov/GATE/.  . 
                                                                       - Thanks,  Lee Powell


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